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Circulating Immune Complexes (CICs) are key inflammatory proteins that participate in pathogenesis of autoimmune disorders. CICs interact with Fc receptors on cells in circulation and activate critical inflammatory responses. By activating complement participate in tissue necrosis.

Company developing Human Healthcare Solutions "Proteins through Genetics" using ProGen’s Proprietary Receptor Extraction Technology

What we Offer to our Clients


ProGen Biologics support proteomics analysis of purified CICs.

New Technology

ProGen Biologics specializes in supporting studies in humoral immunity and innate responses. We specilize in measuring immune complexes (ICs) and complement...

Our Products

ProGen Biologics offers ELISA based kits to measure CIC and complement activation. The ELISA assays are based on proprietary receptor technology.
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ProGen Biologics is a tested supplier of ELISA based kits to measure complement activation and humoral immune responses since 2003. Our kits has been used and trusted among top scientists and researchers from around the world for quality products. Proceptor™ kits are used in the laboratory of well respected researchers, which have citing our products and these citation are available in Google Search “Proceptor™ ELISA kits”.
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