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Arthus Reaction triggered by circulating immune complexes (CISs) was described by Maurice Arthus in 1903, since their role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disorders has been documented. CICs interact with cells in blood circulation and activate the inflammatory responses. These interaction results in release of proinflammatory cytokines. ProGen's technology focus is on receptors present on blood cells which interact with CICs. Company utilizes its expertise in studying these interactions and designing tools to measure such responses.



ProGen Biologics is a technology company with core focus on providing solutions for analysis of aberrant humoral responses. Company sells ELISA based kits "Proceptor" for measuring circulating immune complexes (CIC) and complement activation products. These assays are based on company's proprietary receptor based capture of CIC composed of three immunoglobulin isotypes.


Company has developed proprietary affinity based technology for purifying CIC from diseases. These CICs can be then analyzed using 2D SDS-PAGE or LC-MS/MS for antigen identification. Company provides service for the purification of CIC, 2D SDS-PAGE analysis, LC-MS/MS analysis, measurement of complement bound to CIC's. Assay development for free ligand or biological drug from plasma. ProGen's goal is to provide advanced assay platforms for the development protein biomarkers, enhance development of proteomic platform, B cell receptor editing and B cell epitope analysis.



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