ProceptorTM ELISA kits measure the CIC formed with different immunoglobulin isotypes. The assay for complement measure the complement bound directly to CIC, thus providing the direct measurement of complement activation. Figure No. 1 shows the standard curve used for quantitating the complement bound to CIC.
ProceptorTM ELISA targets only complement bound to CIC, thus measuring pathogenic CIC.
Use ProceptorTM assays to monitor complement activation from antibody based therapies.
The complement regulatory proteins vitronectin and clusterin are present two to three fold higher on membrane attack complex (MAC) bound to CIC (Figure No. 2). Company sells assays to measure these proteins bound to CIC-MAC complex and to soluble MAC (SMAC).
To define which complement pathway is contributing in complement activation use the combination of the assays from classical pathway C1q, C4, for alternative pathway measure C3 and for terminal pathway use either C5 or MAC.
Inquire about our MAC-CIC ELISA assays to mesure the terminal complement activation.
Figure 4 demonstrate the changes on the levels of CIC composed of IgG isotype pre and post plasmapheresis. The amount of C4 and C5 bound to CIC was also measured. Post plasmapheresis the amount of the C4 and C5 dropped significantly. The drop was more then 80%, not accountable by decrease in the levels of CIC.

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