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ProGen Biologics offers ELISA based kits to measure CIC and complement activation. The ELISA assays are based on proprietary receptor technology. 
Proceptor ™ Kits offered by Progen Biologics
Product Prod.No. Description Price
Proceptor ™ IgG--CIC IC-001 Human IgG containing CIC $550
Proceptor ™ IgM--CIC IC-002 Human IgA containing CIC $550
Proceptor ™ IgA--CIC IC-003 Human IgM containing CIC $550
Proceptor ™ Ig--LC-K-CIC IC-004 Human Ig-kappa chain containing CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Ig--LC-L-CIC IC-005 CIC Human Ig-lambda containing CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C1q--CIC CC-001 Complement C1q bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ C3--CIC CC-003 Complement C3 bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ C3d--CIC CC-003d Complement C3d bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ C4--CIC CC-004 Complement C4 bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ C4d--CIC CC-004d Complement C4d bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ C5--CIC CC-005 Complement C5 bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ C5b9-CIC CC-005b-9 Complement C5b-9 bound to CIC $625
Proceptor ™ Clusterin-CIC CR-001 Clusterin bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Clusterin-MAC CR-002 Clusterin bound to MAC $650
Proceptor ™ Vitronectin-CIC CR-003 Vitronectin bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Vitronectin-MAC CR-004 Vitronectin bound to MAC $650
Plasma C3d PG-C3d Total Plasma C3d $550
Plasma C4d PG-C4d Total Plasma C4d $550


Unique, Accurate, Informative


These are only commercial assays that offer the measurement of immune complexes coposed of IgA and IgM isotypes. The Proceptor complement assays measure the amount of complement associated with the CIC unlike the other ELISA that measure the total serum complement.




Detect nangram amount of complement proteins and microgram qunatities of CIC.


Easy, Convenient, Stable


The assays use simple ELISA procedure and standard laboratory equipments. Each kit is sufficient to measure 40 samples in duplicate. Kits have a self life of six months.




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