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We offer the following products and services:

  • Measurement of circulating immune complexes (CICs) composed of IgG, IgA, and IgM.
  • Measurement of complement activation and complement regulatory proteins bound to CICs.
  • Measurement of the C1q, C3, C4, C5 and C5b-9 opsonized CIC.
  • Development of ELISA based assays to detect antigens in the CICs.
  • Purification of CICs from plasma and serum.
  • 2 D SDS-PAGE analysis of purified CICs. We can collaborate for protein spot identification by MS/MS analysis.

Proceptor ™ capture based ELISA kits offered by ProGen Biologics

Product Product.No. Description Price
Proceptor ™ IgG--CIC IC-001 Human IgG containing CIC $550
Proceptor ™ IgM--CIC IC-002 Human IgA containing CIC $550
Proceptor ™ IgA--CIC IC-003 Human IgM containing CIC $550
Proceptor ™ Ig--LC-K-CIC IC-004 Human Ig-kappa chain containing CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Ig--LC-L-CIC IC-005 CIC Human Ig-lambda containing CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C1q--CIC CC-001 Complement C1q bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C3--CIC CC-003 Complement C3 bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C3d--CIC CC-003d Complement C3d bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C4--CIC CC-004 Complement C4 bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C4d--CIC CC-004d Complement C4d bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C5--CIC CC-005 Complement C5 bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ C5b9-CIC CC-005b-9 Complement C5b-9 bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Clusterin-CIC CR-001 Clusterin bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Clusterin-sMAC CR-002 Clusterin bound to MAC $650
Proceptor ™ Vitronectin-CIC CR-003 Vitronectin bound to CIC $650
Proceptor ™ Vitronectin-sMAC CR-004 Vitronectin bound to MAC $650
Plasma C3d PG-C3d Total Plasma C3d $550
Plasma C4d PG-C4d Total Plasma C4d $650
  • ProGen’s Technology enables measurement of the steps in the pathway(s) that drive the inflammatory responses.
  • Immune complex can be measured without any interference from metabolic activities.
    • FcR capture
    • Only available assays that can measure IgA-CICs and IgM-CICs.
  • Provides absolute measurement of immune adherence.
  • Provides assessment of inflammatory potential of complement activation.
  • First assays to measure C5 and C5b-9 on CICs.
  • ProGen provide technology to measure Fc receptor density on lymphocytes. An emerging filed in HIV-1.
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