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Proteomics Information

To identify the molecular composition of peptides in the CICs, we provide services for purification of the CICs. CICs are purified using proprietary affinity Proceptor resin. Characterization of these peptides in the CICs provides opportunity for target identification to develop vaccines. Proceptor™ resin binds and capture both CICs composed of either IgG or IgM isotypes (see figure below and proteomics gallery). CICs can be purified from both serum and synovial fluid. The LC MS/MS spectra show that CICs purified with Proceptor™ identifies more unique antigens compared to Protein A or Protein G resins.

2D SDS-PAGE analysis of an IgG-CIC and IgM-CIC, stained with silver staining.
Sypro ruby stained 2D SDS-PAGE of CIC purified from arthritis patient.
Mass spectra of CICs purified using Protein G, Protein A and Proceptor resins.

Company provides support for proteomics analysis and development of new proteomics based technology platforms.

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