ProGen has developed techniques to identify molecular composition of CIC by facilitating the purification of CIC in one quick step using proprietary affinity resin. We believe that our technology of affinity isolation combined with 2 D SDS-PAGE analysis is the future plateform for Proteomics and target identification for new generartion of vaccines.
ProGen Biologics LLC provides services for purification of CIC and their subsequent analysis on 2D SDS-PAGE. The company offers services to analyze the spot of interest by mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) to generate minimal protein identifier (MPI). Utilizing the proprietary technology for CIC, we work with customers in their studies of B cell epitope mapping and B cell receptor editing by identifying the heavy and light chains participating in the formation of the CIC. A representative CIC analysis on SDS-PAGE from patient plasma is shown.
We offer services to purify CIC from synovial fluid and to further analyze them on 2 D SDS-PAGE analysis.
Compnay provides services in the following areas:

Purification of circualting immune complexes from plasma and serum

2 D SDS-PAGE Analysis of purified circulating immune complexes.

MASS Analysis of protein spots from purified CIC.

Custom measurement of complement activation.

Custom measurement of circualting immune complexes.

ELISA based custom assay development for measuring free humanized immunoglobulin based drugs.

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