ProGen Biologics specializes in supporting studies in humoral immunity and innate responses. We specilize in measuring immune complexes (ICs) and complement system activation. Our proprietary based technology allows us to purify ICs and measure complement bound to ICs. The purified ICs can be analyzed on two dimensional gel electrophoresis (2D SDS-PAGE) to provide wealth of information on disease targets for development of disease biomarkers and furrther used for epitope mapping to develop safer vaccines. These opportunites are available either by contract services or thoruhg collaboration.

In a wide spectrum of diseases, IC plays a critical role in disease pathology by forming immune deposits in kidney glomeruli in lupus nehritis and blood vessel walls in vasculopathies. Formation of excessive membrane attack complex (MAC) leads to tissue necrosis. Our recent research have demonstrated that MAC can be associated to IC and subsequently can be transferred to the tissue with the help of

the exposed RGD sequence on vitronectin by the action of granzyme B and integrins expressed on the tissue (see proposed model, figure above). Thus removal of ICs via extracorporeal circuit will be a good approach for treating the refractory autoimmune diseases. The lack of availability of a commercial product on the market for selective removal of CIC from the plasma of patients presents an unmet need.

Core Focus Areas of Company



  • Use of CIC in identification of the antigenic epitopes for development of new vaccines.
  • Purification and proteomic analysis of CIC to identify biomarkers
  • Developing assays for pre screening humanized antibodies based drugs.
  • Develop an extracorporeal device for removal of circulating immune   complexes for therapeutic application.
  • Database of MPI (minimal protein identifier) for disease associated proteins using the CIC capture technology. This focus will also lead the Company into new protein based therapeutics.
  • Protein therapeutic based on CIC ligand interaction (blocking humanized monoclonal antibodies OR competing soluble receptors). These interactions are involved in inflammatory pathways.
Other core area of application of our coretechnology is to identify the proteins associated with disease pathology. The translated proteins from the genes undergo post translation modifications (PTM). These protein modifications are implicated in the disease pathogeneis. However, searching these modification and analyzing them in the presence of serum proeins is like searching for needle from hay. Analysis of these modifications are usefull for the development of biomarkers and possibly targeting the new therapies. ProGen's proprietary technology (PCT/US02/24301) to capture the ICs from the patients plasma and subsequent analysis of these proteins by nano-LC/MS-MS can provide information to develop information useful in undesratnding disease pathology and new drug discovery.

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