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Circulating immune complexes (CICs) interact with receptors present on circulating lymphocytes and on innate cells in blood and activate the inflammatory responses. These interactions produce proinflammatory cytokines. ProGen's technology provides tools to study interactions of CICs with peripheral blood cells. Company utilizes its proprietary technology to provide solutions for studying these interactions and offer tools to measure such responses.

ProGen Biologics is a technology company with core focus on developing solutions for analysis of aberrant humoral responses. Company sells ELISA kits based on receptor capture (Proceptor™) to measure CICs and complement products bound to CICs. Measuring complement bound to CICs in nanogram amount provides an accurate and sensitive status of immune activation.

To facilitate the biomarker discovery, company provides receptor-based technology for purifying CIC from disease plasma/serum/synovial fluid. Purified CICs can then be analyzed using 2D SDS-PAGE or LC-MS/MS for antigen identification. Company provides services for the purification of CIC that can be subjected to 2D SDS-PAGE analysis, LC-MS/MS analysis, and measurement of complement bound to CIC's. Company support assay development for antigenicity assessment of bio-therapeutics.

Company supports the measurement of the lymphocyte population that express low affinity receptors such as Fc⋎RIIa and Fc⋎RIIIa. Recently, it has been shown that Fc⋎RIIa marks those cells that are enriched with HIV-1 provirus. Fc⋎RIIIa mediated cosignaling triggers differentiation of human na├»ve CD4+ T cells. This signal triggers relocation of nucleic-acid sensing toll-like receptors to cell surface, where they can recognize modified self-nucleic acids [1, 2]

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